Saturday, March 6, 2010

Knitting. I've Tried It. It Wasn't Pretty.

I have tried knitting. I bought a pattern on Etsy that said, "Easy! Great for beginners!" But it wasn't easy. And it wasn't for beginners.

Or, at least not for this beginner.

I wrote about it on Cluck and Tweet. If you check out that post you will see that this is as far as I got:
That might be the reason I'm so impressed with knitters like this month's Etsybloggers Featured Blogger: KnittingDragonflies who has not one, but two shops on Etsy.

1. DizzyDragonflies which has delicious hand-dyed yarn

But even more than that is Vicki's blog which is a wealth of tutorials and links to tutorials and yarn-y eye candy. I'll be following Vicki's progression as she spins her own yarn.

I actually used to know how to do this myself since back in high school, when a friend-of-the-family borrowed our antique spinning wheel to spin her dog hair in to yarn. Vicki, feel free to contact me for tips.

Or not.

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