Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Geekery. What?

Etsy seems to have its own set of rules, its own vocabulary, its own je ne sais quoi.

I've always wanted to have a reason to say that. And italicize it. I sound so sophisticated and worldly and French. Which I totally am. not.

One of the terms that is quite popular on Etsy is "Geekery." It even is its own category. For months I was confused as to what "geekery" even referred to.

I think I've figured it out. Apparently it's a catch-all term for items that are attractive to geeks. I don't think of myself as a geek, per se, but some of this geekery is quite cute:

(from funknugget)

(from sabahnur)

Some is odd:

(Lovely on your guest bathroom shelf! from yourorgangrinder)

(I pity the fool who doesn't want a pair of these! from bellamodaartist)

And some makes sense in my small, stereotypical mindset of what a geek would like:

(clever, no? from LastFuse)

(Soap. Mountain Dew scented. I can't make this up. from digitalsoaps)

And for some unknown reason, both Etsy and this category are big on mustaches:

But I can't even get started on the mustaches. They are probably a post in and of themselves.

My entries into the Geekery category consist of the little glass monsters I make. Do I think that nerds will like them? Do I find them substantially geeky? Honestly, they don't make the cut in my mind for what a computer savvy individual would find attractive, but hey, if it helps them sell, fine by me. Plus, I asked Danielle in the virtual labs if the monsters qualified as geekery and she said yes. I don't tag indiscriminately. Often.

Now go get your geek on.


  1. I'm puzzled by this too, except my thinking is that many of these items are in a class by themselves and others like-them, but yet, they are not alike. Hmmm....things that are quirky. My mom and sis choose gifts for me based on "ugly or weird", cause they know I'll love them. And I do. ( btw, I am diggin' the teeth on your little bunny monster. For Easter? :)

  2. I think your little monsters fit the geekery tab. :) Super cute! Yeah, I was mistified by the geekery category for a while but now I love it. LOL!

    Great post!

  3. I'm perplexed by the mustaches as well. But I have to admit to buying a pint glass with a mustache etched on it for my 13-year-old son (for milk, of course). He has grown himself a shadow of a stache, and after lots of teasing we finally got him to admit that he does, in fact, have a mustache. And that in itself opened up a whole new category of gifts for that hard-to-buy-for age group. So with the mustache pint glass, we gave him an electric razor, which he has used a total of one time.

    I definitely think your little monsters qualify as geekery - the cute kind. And that video remote soap that smells like Mountain Dew - that is classic. There's another good gift idea for my kid . . .

  4. Hi Ali! Just found you via the challenge group over on facebook. I'm not a lampworker, but I'm a glass bead luvah. haaaaaa I think this geek post is hilarious!! I personally like the work "dork" because when I really started getting into my creativity and making things at home, my friends started calling me a "craft dork" and then it mutated into a "bead dork" so I dork out a little bit everyday now. haaaaaaaaaaa