Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It Takes One To Know One...EtsyBlogger of the Month

I make jewelry. And I've been doing it for probably close to 9 years now. This in no way makes me an expert, but it does give me a little bit more of a critical eye when looking at other people's work.

One of the obvious ways of telling someone's skill in the art of making jewelry is to look at the way she wraps her headpins. The loops should be round and evenly sized which is harder than it looks. You should see some of my early work. It makes me cringe.

These are beautifully wrapped:
and also just plain beautiful.

You can check out Vanessa's lovely jewelry by clicking the links above. She also has adorable cards :

I don't know about you, but I don't think one person should have all this talent. :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This Is The Ugly Truth...

Several years ago Sam bought a new Mustang convertible. And his mom, who had been living next door and housing visitors for years, moved. And we had no garage space or any room for visitors. And I wanted a studio.

I have loved lampwork beads since I first lay eyes on them. For years I bought them from some of the best lampwork artists I could find (and afford) and made jewelry that people bought (which always amazes me) until one day at a small somewhat-local science center I tried making beads myself. And I was not very good at it. And there really was no instruction. And I was wrapping the mandrel around the glass instead of the other way around.

But I was hooked. I fell asleep thinking of color combinations. I daydreamed of different shapes and techniques. I bought how-to books years before I ever owned a torch.

And then the day arrived and I got a studio.

It's a total mess, I know. This is my New Year's Resolution. For 2010.

When I step into it my mind starts spinning. Which is why I don't get around to cleaning it. Or maybe it starts spinning because it's such a mess. Or maybe it's my type D personality.

I love my studio. Even if I have to share some of the space with this:

Or sometimes people like this:

I'm a lucky girl.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Owls...on Etsy

I heart owls. I didn't know how much I loved owls until I started making them. Now if someone else would like them, we'd be all set.

Friday, September 4, 2009

My First Etsy Treasury!

For those of you who don't know, the Treasury on Etsy is a hot, hot commodity. My heart was pumping when I checked out this site and found that any stinkin' minute the treasury would be open and little ol' me would be able to make one!

I'd like to thank the Academy, God, my family,...

That might be over-reacting. Here, however, are my choices, with the caveat that I'm a member of the EtsyBloggers team and the Lab Rats and I don't think I included either members in my Treasury. My excuse being that I was so nervous that someone on Etsy was going to renege on my Treasury list because I too slow, so I was searching and copying and pasting as fast as I could.

Next time. I promise.

Click here to check out the items, links, and make a comment!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Finding My Niche

Niche is kind of a nice word. One of those words you aren't sure you quite know how to pronounce. And just so you know, it can be pronounced "nich" or "nish," unlike Neanderthal which is pronounced, "knee-ann-der-tall." Didn't know that did you. But now I have saved you a world of embarrassment at your next science convention. "Niche" is from the French, where all the fancy words like "hors d'eourve" (which is 2 words, I know, but since when does anyone say them separately? So I'm counting it as one word) or fondue come from.

Those crazy French! (And I actually didn't look up "fondue" to see if it's French. It could be coined from The Brady Bunch for all I know, but it seems French, don't you think?)

On Etsy it's important to find ones niche, or market, and especially if you sell jewelry because there are millions of people who sell jewelry on Etsy. Millions.

And some are French, too.

So I'm trying out these guys:

I've gotten more views in the last few days from these guys. There aren't many lampwork monster necklaces on Etsy. Which is a total surprise.

Not any more sales, however.

Which might lead me to more questions than answers:
1. Do I want more views even if it doesn't lead to any more sales?
2. Does anyone really even want a cute little monster hanging around her neck?
3. Do I want my niche to be lampwork monster necklaces?
4. Do I need to create a separate shop for my whimsical creations? One for beads? One for my "serious" jewelry?

These are the questions that keep me up at night.