Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This Is The Ugly Truth...

Several years ago Sam bought a new Mustang convertible. And his mom, who had been living next door and housing visitors for years, moved. And we had no garage space or any room for visitors. And I wanted a studio.

I have loved lampwork beads since I first lay eyes on them. For years I bought them from some of the best lampwork artists I could find (and afford) and made jewelry that people bought (which always amazes me) until one day at a small somewhat-local science center I tried making beads myself. And I was not very good at it. And there really was no instruction. And I was wrapping the mandrel around the glass instead of the other way around.

But I was hooked. I fell asleep thinking of color combinations. I daydreamed of different shapes and techniques. I bought how-to books years before I ever owned a torch.

And then the day arrived and I got a studio.

It's a total mess, I know. This is my New Year's Resolution. For 2010.

When I step into it my mind starts spinning. Which is why I don't get around to cleaning it. Or maybe it starts spinning because it's such a mess. Or maybe it's my type D personality.

I love my studio. Even if I have to share some of the space with this:

Or sometimes people like this:

I'm a lucky girl.


  1. I have a hard time cleaning up my space too! The only reason it ever happens is because we have a 1 bedroom apartment...if I had more space I'd probably never get around to cleaning :P

  2. I also have a hard time keeping my space clean and organized, but I swear there is a method to my madness... even on those days that I can't remember the method...

  3. I'd go crazy if my studio space looked like that! Glad you can handle it! {:-Deb