Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Finding My Niche

Niche is kind of a nice word. One of those words you aren't sure you quite know how to pronounce. And just so you know, it can be pronounced "nich" or "nish," unlike Neanderthal which is pronounced, "knee-ann-der-tall." Didn't know that did you. But now I have saved you a world of embarrassment at your next science convention. "Niche" is from the French, where all the fancy words like "hors d'eourve" (which is 2 words, I know, but since when does anyone say them separately? So I'm counting it as one word) or fondue come from.

Those crazy French! (And I actually didn't look up "fondue" to see if it's French. It could be coined from The Brady Bunch for all I know, but it seems French, don't you think?)

On Etsy it's important to find ones niche, or market, and especially if you sell jewelry because there are millions of people who sell jewelry on Etsy. Millions.

And some are French, too.

So I'm trying out these guys:

I've gotten more views in the last few days from these guys. There aren't many lampwork monster necklaces on Etsy. Which is a total surprise.

Not any more sales, however.

Which might lead me to more questions than answers:
1. Do I want more views even if it doesn't lead to any more sales?
2. Does anyone really even want a cute little monster hanging around her neck?
3. Do I want my niche to be lampwork monster necklaces?
4. Do I need to create a separate shop for my whimsical creations? One for beads? One for my "serious" jewelry?

These are the questions that keep me up at night.

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