Friday, March 25, 2011

Frog Day Afternoon

I've never been one to really collect things. My mother had the requisite Hummel collection. I went through a Pittsburgh Steelers phase where I acquired a jacket, pajamas, robe, mittens and perhaps a waste basket, but I don't quite call that a collection.

Other people, however, are collectors. Frogs seem to be popular. Or owls. Or my sister collects cows, which makes sense considering that she's a world-renowned expert on bovine mastitis.

I know.

Right now I'm fascinated with making glass frogs. Red-eyed tree frogs. The elusive "Raku" frog (as seen above in its natural habitat).

Or preppy frogs.

Martin has already left the nest. He's basking in the warmth of Texas while I'm still freezing in Northern Michigan.

Something is seriously wrong here.


  1. The elusive Raku frog - love him! Looks like you caught him and stuck him to a bead.
    I agree, frogs are big collector items. I had a few beads in an art gallery shop, and the first thing the owner asked me was if I made frogs because they had lots of customers looking for them. Of course I didn't make frogs, so that was a bummer. Yours are awesome!

  2. The green frogs look like Flubbers. :)) They're cute!

  3. Those frogs are adorable! You're SO talented!